Blog 17

My revision is going great, at first I didn’t know what composition to work on but I finally decided to choose comp 3 and 4. I am really do coming across to any issue I’m just going the writing center , so they ca advise me on my comp 3 and for comp 4 I am just adding more information. My techniques/ strategies I am using is just proof reading and just taking m time with my work.


Blog 16

My revision is going great because now I know which essay am I going to focus on. My only issue is I don’t know which composition I want to work on for my next revision it’s either composition 2 or 3 I just don’t know how to decide. I know for sure for my essay I am just changing the paragraphs to be more shorter because there to long, and for my conclusion I’m going to try to connect it to my claim.  My techniques/strategies are just to re-read over and over to see if I have any mistake, and also letting someone else read my work so I can get feedback.

Blog 15

My revision game plan is to check over what I did wrong in composition 1 and 3, and ask advice to see if that help me revision successfully.  For my composition one I am planing on changing my last two body paragraphs because both paragraphs sounds like there conclusion instead of body paragraphs.  For composition 3 I just need to add more information and just organize it because I feel t’s all over the place. In  order to revise I would have to be more organize for both composition, and also be straight forward.

Blog 14

Two composition I would like to revise would be composition 1 and 3. I am thinking of revising composition 1 because I feel like I added a lot of great information, but I need to fix my last two paragraphs because it sounds more like a conclusion then two body paragraphs. I am also thinking of revising composition 3 because I need to add more information to the website, proofread, and be more organize.  Now if composition 4 doesn’t go so good then I will revise composition 4. I’m so far not feeling confident about composition 4, so in that meaning I might have revise composition 4.

Blog #13

I am still working on look for new resources that will help complete my essay, I’m waiting to workshop in class just to be sure on what I am doing. I can’t use my old research because it’s from a complete different topic so I’ill looking for good articles that will help me on my new topic, and may be using the websites I use to help me with composition be good research. In my new research I’m looking for articles and website that can help me prove my argument. My thought process throughput this composition is just before starting on the actual writing I would write down ideas on what I’m going to rite about, for example I wrote down the different types of body paragraphs I will be using, and wrote few facts about the each body paragraph that way I can go back and reference. This though process helps me because I feel I am more organize with my witting instead of being on over the place, and it also help me stay on topic. Once I workshop i class I will feel comfortable with my composition because I’m not sure if my claim or body paragraphs are good enough, an also when I am done working I’ll know what articles I can research because now I’m no sure about my body paragraphs.

Blog #12

My major shift in 4 composition would be  my claim because I don’t know if I should stick with the claim we talk about in class when I worked shop for composition 3.  The way I’m looking at my shifting is just focusing on my topics that way I can see if the first claim would be useful for composition 4. The similarities I see between these two composition would my  focus, I’m focusing on the same thing in both composition. My differences are using different types of articles to prove my argument. As I mention in my first few sentences my main difficulty I’m having shifting is my claim. The better mode is focusing on my topic. Making sure I’m staying on topic is helping process.

Blog #11

My argument for Composition 4 how to prevent/ educate young teens about HIV and AIDS, and I think the form that I’m writing is in second person I’m still not sure. My audience is teens, but pushing more for college student because I feel that this happens more around that age. Composition 4 is different from Composition 3 because in Composition 4 I’m going to be using information from websites that I have found, that’s going to make me go more into details. The meaning, message, argument are shifting because I feel that I am aiming for all the same thing for the category.

Blog #10

I am revising my colors and pictures on my website because I fell as though my website needs to have more colors and pictures so it can draw attention to my audience. The more picture and color it as the audience would want too read the facts on the website because thy won’t feel that the website be boring. My revision plan will be to get powerful colors this the website won’t be so dull, and get visual pictures of the disease. My game plan is to make the website attractive to my audience, but also having important facts that can be useful. I can put pictures that relate to the facts that I’ll be putting on the website. For this composition the strategy I’m using is my visual strategy, for example I’ll put myself in the audience shoe and see if I’m interested in the website or not, and if not I’ll ask myself what can I do so it can look interesting.

Blog #9

I have choose to change my topic to how to prevent/educate young teens of HIV and AIDS, so my biggest concern now is to find articles that touch this topic. Many people will think it’s not hard, but I don’t want to pick any old article I want something that can strongly relate to the topic and back up my argument. So far i’m not having any trouble just because I’m introducing myself to a whole new topic. What I feel that might be lacking is a need something that going too make this topic be different/ exciting so I won’t bore my audience. At this moment I a not stressing nor feeling frustrated because I have some ideas I can use.

Blog #8

The possible mediums I plan on using in composition 3 using social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. I decided too use these types of social media because most there very popular social media that people uses, and also because it’s a new strategy that teachers can use in the future. Most kids will learn easily on social media since there always on social media.  My message and argument will be communicated in this medium by people that social medium is not only used for pictures and comments, you an put educational videos, facts, blogs, pictures, up in any social media page.  The benefits in this medium is we can finally find a new way of teaching  , and believe or not in the future most people are going to be using the internet rather than textbooks. In my opinion there is no limitations for this composition. There are pros and cons, for example the pro there is no limitations for what type of social media I will be using, and the cons I don’t want it to sound the same like other websites.